Defensive Driving Safety Awareness

Defensive Driving Safety Awareness

Defensive Driving Safety Awareness Training Course in Dubai & UAE

The Defensive Driving Safety Awareness Training course is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to drive safely and defensively. The course covers the basic principles of defensive driving, including identifying hazards, managing risk, and responding to emergencies. Participants will learn about the importance of safe driving habits, such as maintaining a safe following distance, scanning the road ahead, and using defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents. The course also covers the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving, and the importance of obeying traffic laws and regulations.

Course Highlights:

  • Basic principles of defensive driving
  • Hazard identification and risk management
  • Safe driving habits and defensive driving techniques
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol on driving
  • Traffic laws and regulations

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for all employees who operate vehicles as part of their job duties, particularly those who drive on public roads or highways. It is also recommended for individuals who supervise or manage driving activities, including fleet managers and safety officers. Participants should have a valid driver’s license and basic knowledge of traffic laws and regulations.

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